Help Reduce the Stigma of Mental Illness - Be Counted

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This survey is intended for those who are employed (part time or full time), and have been diagnosed with a mental disorder (as defined by DSM5).

By revealing the prevalence of mental disorders within the workplace; we can help "normalize" mental differences, and eliminate the stigma, which prevents so many from seeking the treatment and accommodations they need to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Please share as much information as possible regarding your current employment. Our goal is to present national employment trends, reduce the stigma of mental diversity, and to recognize those organizations which are truly inclusive. This survey will help to shed light on the “illusion of inclusion” within the workplace, and the challenges employees face in their effort to live "authentic" lives.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to Bring Diversity to Mind!

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Your responses will remain anonymous. Answers to individual questions may be combined and analyzed with those of others in order to accomplish our mission.